MetroStar Announces AI/ML Operator and Investor as Advisory Board Member

RESTON, Va.Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MetroStar is pleased to announce Ryan Lewis as a newly appointed Advisory Board Member, focusing on the organization’s pathway to developing and maintaining successful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions.

Lewis is a Partner at SRI Ventures—the corporate venture arm of SRI International—a nonprofit research and development institute, where he focuses on investing in early-stage AI/ML and deep tech companies with an interest in developing dual-use offerings.

“As we look to the future of the industry and our solutions, we are excited to align ourselves with experts like Ryan who offer dynamic insights into building innovative solutions that protect our Nation,” said Vy Truong, MetroStar’s Chief Innovation Officer.

Before joining SRI Ventures, Lewis was the Senior Practice Manager of AI/ML for Amazon Web Services National Security, where he led teams building AI/ML applications for national security organizations. He has also held the Senior Vice President role at In-Q-Tel, where he co-founded an AI/ML research lab focused on computer vision techniques. His team published and presented papers on Neural Information Processing Systems and Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition at leading AI/ML conferences.

Furthermore, Lewis co-founded and worked as the General Manager of SpaceNet, a nonprofit industry consortium designed to accelerate open-source applied AI research for geospatial applications. He led the organization to produce numerous datasets and competitions, targeting 3,000 competitors across 30+ countries.

“The rapid industrialization of AI/ML capabilities is prompting adopters to rethink their technology strategies to achieve scale while managing cost and performance. MetroStar’s dedication to supporting and integrating AI/ML open-source projects into their solutions and engagements can provide customers the flexibility to leverage innovations,” said Lewis.

Lewis is well-versed in both public and private sector markets, and his experience with AI/ML technologies across industries will guide MetroStar as the company navigates the changing data needs and solutions customers face daily.

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