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Over the years, our nearby board recruitment firm has found that many companies seeking to fill executive openings are also looking for help navigating the complex federal market. Some need assistance moving from the commercial to the public sector, while others need help with strategy, business development, product validation, proposals, contract and GSA schedules, and navigating the regulatory and political landscape. Our extensive government and industry connections enable us to find the partners and help they need for virtually every phase of this unique market. When you need help with a Washington DC board search, call ESGI at 202-842-0441. We have the expertise that you need.

ESGI provides these additional value-added services to our executive search and recruitment clients:

ESGI has worked with private equity and venture capitalists for many years. We are experts in helping our investment partners find, identify, and hire the most accomplished CEOs for their portfolio companies.

For a consultation please contact Evan Scott, CEO at ESGI | 202 842 0441.


Many of ESGI client’s are divisions of larger commercial entities. We have partnered with Technology Executive Group (TEG) to handle senior level searches for our clients in their commercial businesses.

TEG shares the same values and process as ESGI and we have experienced great success over the years when they handle engagements for the commercial sectors of ESGI clients.

Please feel free to contact Evan Scott at for more information on our commercial partner.

The basic premise of executive search is networking. While not always labeled as crowd sourcing, the concept has always existed in the recruitment industry. What ESGI has done is recognize the value of those who assist with qualified recommendations for either candidates or companies who could benefit from hiring a retainer based executive search group. Based on the deliverables we value, ESGI is comfortable offering remuneration to those who help identify opportunities that turn into revenue. Similar to the compensation an employer will offer an employee for a successful referral and hire, ESGI also places the same value on this type activity.

ESGI is known to be fast paced and uncompromising when it comes to client satisfaction. Recognized as a leader and innovator in executive search, the firm is always interested in expanding their global relationships.

We look forward to having you participate in our crowd sourcing efforts.

If interested please contact Evan Scott at for details.

Due to our visibility in this market, we are often asked by executives to provide career assistance and advice. Successful government executives, for example, often come to us for help making the transition from the public to the private sector.

The partners at ESGI offer expert assistance in the following areas:

  • Developing resumes that get results
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Working with recruiters
  • Negotiating contracts and salaries
  • Creating a meaningful network of contacts

In addition, ESGI can help you tap into its extensive network in the government contracting community and introduce you to potential employers.

If interested please contact Evan Scott at for details.


Sagemark Consulting / BOLD Value Practice
Contact: Mark Bronfman

The BOLD Value practice at Sagemark Consulting works at the intersection of long-term executive compensation and business succession for privately-held companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Mark Bronfman founded and leads the practice. Sagemark Consulting is a division of Lincoln Financial Advisors, one of the country’s largest, independent broker-dealers.

When a company hires a new CEO, director of federal operations or other executive, the move is often part of a more comprehensive strategy aimed at improving the company’s position in the federal marketplace. Consequently, companies that retain ESGI for executive searches often ask us to help them achieve the strategic and tactical goals connected with the new hire. ESGI and its partners can help clients:

  • Get products listed on the GSA schedule
  • Assess and validate the viability of products/services in the government marketplace
  • Establish partnerships with integrators for selling into government
  • Introduce their products and services to federal agencies
  • Make the necessary political contacts on Capitol Hill and elsewhere

We bring to bear our understanding of the government market to help our clients their products and services to federal agencies.

If interested please contact Evan Scott at for details.

ESGI offers human capital solutions and executive coaching, in partnership with The Ermi Group, LLC.

The Ermi Group, LLC is a certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) founded by Lori Evans Ermi, PCC, SPHR. Lori currently serves as the Managing Director and has over 25 years of corporate, leadership, and consulting experience.

Core competencies include:

  • Human Capital Solutions – HR Strategy Development, Organization Development, Talent Acquisition & Management, Total Rewards Programs, Employee Engagement/Retention, Workforce Planning, Succession and High Potential Development, Change Management, Career Transition
  • Executive Coaching – Individual, Team, Group, Remediation Coaching
  • Team Effectiveness – Executive, leadership, project, retreats
  • Strategic Planning
  • Training/Leadership Development/Facilitation – New Leader Assimilation, Leader as Coach, Generational Differences with an expertise on the Managing Millennials, Management Bootcamp, Communications, Negotiation Skills, Adult Learning/Behavioral Interviewing, Performance Management, Cultural Awareness, Train-the-Trainer
  • Assessment – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Leadership Circle, Lominger, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, DiSC, Profilor, EQI, SIROTA, OPM Leadership 360

Please feel free to contact Evan Scott at for more information on our partner The Ermi Group.

ESGI assists clients who may be contemplating investments, mergers or acquisitions by performing a critical piece of the due diligence process—an in-depth assessment of the target company’s management team. Properly performed management team evaluations provide advance intelligence and insight into thoughts, attitudes, and culture of a company’s executives. This cultural dynamic must be considered prior to any proposed acquisition, merger or financial investment, regardless of how attractive the target company’s technologies or services may appear. The prospects for success of the proposed transaction will be maximized by understanding the cultural issues at play.

The referencing process has always been a crucial part of conducting senior-level executive searches. It plays a critical role in establishing fit and style, and can be a useful predictor of future performance. As a result of our many years of senior-level executive search experience, we have by necessity become expert in assessing executives and conducting in-depth interviews that include dialogues with colleagues, customers and direct reports.

Through our 360-degree reference audits and partnership with a leading behavioral assessment firm, we provide ESGI executive recruitment clients with a broader perspective on the thoughts and attitudes of the target company’s management regarding the proposed transaction or investment. Additional insights into corporate motivations and agendas may be assessed by interviewing a broader segment of the management team. Properly obtained references can increase the probability of success for an acquisition or merger, just as they do for the hiring of a new CEO.

The demand for our Pre-Investment Due Diligence service is strong and growing. In today’s economic environment, no competitor can afford to ignore this vital step in the due diligence process. The cost of performing proper, up-front evaluations is very small compared to the risk of proceeding in the dark. ESGI can help ensure a transaction’s ultimate success by affording deeper insight into these cultural issues.

ESGI has teamed up with Stuart H. Sorkin, JD, LL.M, CPA to assist our clients with early preparation and strategies for building the framework to enhance the value of your company. Stuart is the co–author of the book: Expensive Mistakes When Buying and Selling Companies (Acuity Publishing). See for additional information on his company and how we can be of assistance as you begin to enhance the valuation of your organization. We believe these discussions should occur prior to any thought of selling or buying. Stuart specializes in buying and selling businesses and can help you learn the keys to how to avoid common mistakes such as over paying for an acquisition, under or over valuating your company along with all the tax and trust issues associated with such deals.

How to Purchase a Business – An Example

  • Who is the Purchaser? – Family, Existing Owners or Third Parties
  • Preparing Your Business for Sale
  • Structure of the Purchase – Equity, Assets, Merger or Going Public
  • Payment of the Purchase Price
    • Cash needs of Seller versus Purchase’s ability to Pay
    • Tax Issues (Capital Gain versus Ordinary Income)
    • Allocation (Equity, Assets, Goodwill, Consulting or Non-Compete)
    • Special Issues – Seller Financing & Existing Liabilities

If interested please contact Evan Scott at for details.

Getting a decision maker to read and act upon your resume is often a combination of timing, luck—and the right packaging.

We have seen thousands of resumes over the years. Unfortunately, most do not adequately represent the sender’s skills or experience. Unless a resume can convey a person’s qualifications in 15 seconds or less, chances are it will not be selected for further consideration.

Based on our work with scores of government contractors, we have developed techniques for formatting resumes and presenting content that will improve its chances of being read and acted upon. For example, resume senders often do not realize that most resumes are received on a PDA or other hand-held device, which makes opening and reading very difficult. Unless it makes an immediate impact, the receiver will likely set it aside.

We offer assistance to select individuals, assembling resumes that work. If interested please contact Evan Scott at for details.

ESGI has developed a valuable 360-degree referencing service for clients who have identified suitable candidates without retaining an outside search firm. This referencing service helps ensure that successful hiring decisions will be made.

Depending on economic conditions, companies may receive numerous resumes from promising candidates. But while some of the resumes may look compelling, it is always difficult to recruit true impact players.

Many firms use ESGI’s reference audit expertise to help assess and qualify talent before extending offers. We have partnered with one of the country’s leading behavioral assessment firms in order to help our clients make the best hiring decisions. Our success rate tops 90 percent as measured by candidates’ job performance.

Finding talent is only one piece of the overall recruitment process. The due diligence qualification of talent can be the most critical element of a successful hiring, and ESGI is prepared to help its clients with this essential step. Our fees for this service have proven extremely cost effective when measured against the potential damage caused by an un-vetted or under-vetted hire.

If interested please contact Evan Scott at for details.

ESGI introduces working capital financing through the Presidents Capital Exchange — the world’s first online marketplace for real-time trading of accounts receivable. The Exchange is changing the landscape of small business financing by providing a new dimension in working capital management. The Exchange connects a global network of accredited institutional investors (Buyers) to the nation’s millions of small and mid-sized businesses (Sellers) in search of capital to grow. Buyers get direct access to an $18 trillion new investable asset; Sellers gain access to a new competitive working capital management solution by having their receivables bid on in real-time by multiple Buyers.

ESGI business associates can pre-register at and provide the following discount code in the ‘comment’ field: PCE-FA-05.  This code entitles you to complimentary registration as a ESGI business associate ($500 value).


The Economist calls The Receivables Exchange a new financing market and ray of hope for small business.



Fast Company magazine calls The Receivables Exchange one of the Eight Startups Brimming With Hope for the Financial Industry

If interested please contact Evan Scott at for details.