ESGI completes Chief Growth Officer position for Ardent:

November 1, 2022

Located in Roslyn VA., ArdentMC is a trusted provider for geospatial information, cloud migration, and DevOps in the federal, state, and local business spheres, delivering quality products and outstanding performance initiative to every client.

The company provides clients, both internal and external, with the highest quality of goods and services, but also support employing embedded leadership and forward-leaning personnel to deliver and innovative and trusted improvement. From program management support to systems implementation and integration, ArdentMC provides proven best practices and expertise to assist our clients in overcoming their most challenging IT and organizational change efforts.

Ardent Supports the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) under a US Geological Survey IDIQ Contract to provide government-wide policy and guidance aimed at implementing technology-enabled capabilities for the development, management, search, integration, display and analysis as well as the archiving of geospatially referenced data assets and products (maps). The majority of the company’s business comes thru DHS. Revenues are approaching $50M and strategically  is interested in bringing their qualifications to NGA ( Senior Levels ), DOD-Air Force- Army Geospatial, Justice and FBI.  The company does have interests in HHS and has CIO- SP3.

AI and Machine Learning include work focused on the following:

•          Financial fraud detection both at Federal Civilian and Law Enforcement agencies

•          The use of Artificial Intelligence in advanced procurement procedures and market research

•          Emergency management with image and object detection (computer vision) for evacuation and anti-disaster   efforts