Tom Miller
Retired Senior Executive

Mr. Miller has led the organizations that he had oversight for to become model operations for success, and has turned around the culture of all of those organizations to become effective, efficient, and customer focused. He has very successfully managed operations that have been regional, national, and departmental in size and scope, with annual operating budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The many skillsets that Mr. Miller brings forward include: numerous years of senior level leadership/management experience; a proven track record of organizational change management success; extensive program management/executive program management experience; a wide-spread working knowledge in acquisition/procurement/contracting; strong risk management attributes; certified as a training instructor; robust leading change capabilities; broad financial management knowledge; and strong strategic planning experience. Mr. Miller is a retired senior executive, with over 32 years in the Federal Government. He has worked for the US Postal Service, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and Department of Transportation.