Henry E. Dubois
CEO and a director of
Hooper Holmes, Inc.

Henry Dubois: 25+ year global career includes serving as the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Board Member of public, private, and development-stage companies; since 1999, has led companies focused on defense / intelligence / security imaging and information extraction. Built and led management teams that grew companies’ revenue from concept stage to over $300 mm / year 2 – 4 year periods with strong cash flow growth increasing equity value 3 to 10 times over the time period. Led win and management of $1 billion of US government contracts and $250+ million of foreign government contracts; assisted on an additional $3.8 billion US government contract as lead strategy advisor.

Mr. Dubois is currently the president, CEO and a director of Hooper Holmes, Inc. (NYSE-MKT: HH). Hooper Holmes provides health professionals to the insurance industry, health and wellness companies and the government for medical screenings and specimen collections. In 2012, the performed 1.5 million screenings generating $145 million of revenue.