Nelson H. Balido
Principal, Balido and Associates

Nelson Balido drives results in diverse government, politics, private industry, and non-profit arenas. His sought-after multicultural inside-and outside-the-beltway and real-world expertise spans U.S. Border trade and security relations, communications, international public relations, marketing, Fortune 500 business leadership, politics, arts and cultural affairs, entertainment, media, and government.

As Principal, Balido and Associates, Nelson delivers border issues, marketing, public relations, and communications strategic management expertise. Nelson is a syndicated columnist for Fox News Latino.

BORDER AND TRADE: Nelson chairs the Border Commerce and Security Council, the nation’s premier organization for fostering relations which enhance North America’s economic health and border security.

Recently, Nelson, as non-profit Border Trade Alliance President, represented a 4.3 million person public and private sector network, as the top authority on U.S. Northern and Southern Border issues. He turned around the organization, ensuring long-term viability, by recruiting and retaining Fortune 500 business leadership. Nelson successfully advocated border security and trade issues by establishing effective relationships with diplomats and governmental officials, testifying before Congress, speaking frequently at conferences, and educating the public. He enabled passage of key bills and secretary-level appointment to the U.S. Department of Commerce Industry Trade Advisory Council.

GOVERNMENTAL & EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP: In 2007, Secretary Michael Chertoff appointed Nelson to the Department of Homeland Security Senior Advisory Council. Nelson received the department’s highest civilian award, the Outstanding Public Service Medal. As a Presidential pick, Nelson led the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s private sector division, where he earned the Secretary’s Award for Excellence. Nelson serves as a U.S. Navy Reserve Public Affairs Officer with Top Secret/SCI Clearance.

Nelson served as the Governor of Texas-appointed Commissioner, Texas Commission of the Arts and as the Chairperson, Cultural Arts Board for the City of San Antonio. Nelson bridged the gap with Hispanic voters, leading to successful Presidential and gubernatorial elections.

BUSINESS LEADERSHIP: As Director of Multicultural Marketing for SBC Communications / at&t by the company’s former Chairman and CEO, Nelson built and managed a new division targeting multicultural Hispanic and international market segments, growing revenue from $5 billion to $7 billion in one year. As General Manager of Southwest Entertainment, Nelson received Small Business of the Year 1995, along with a Hispanic Business 500 listing. He remains a Lifetime Voting Member for the Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards.

EDUCATION: Nelson, born to Cuban immigrants, learned the value of hard work, dedication, perseverance, and education early in his life. He has earned several degrees and certificates and continues a lifelong interest in learning, including a Masters-Level Graduate Certificate in Advanced International Affairs from Bush School of Government, Texas A&M University and a Bachelor of Science in International Economics and Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Texas Tech University.

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