Executive Spotlight: Interview with Evan Scott, President of ESGI

Posted By: Andy Reed 

“Hire the best and allow them to succeed–Set them up for success, not failure.”
Evan Scott

EM: You are the CEO of ESGI celebrating your 17th year.
Evan Scott: Yes, I am CEO and founder of ESGI. My firm handles senior level searches for federal contractors. The strategy from day one was based in our belief that the talent pool who understood federal contracting would not meet the demand. We were right. When searching for talent in Federal Contracting, commercial companies will not produce the qualifications needed for our federal contracting clients. Thus, the pool was limited to this sector and is very D.C-centric. When clients engage us to handle a search we have a head start because of the network we have cultivated in the community over the past 17 years. We measure our success on how well executives we’ve helped recruit perform one year into the job. This drives everything we do and am proud to have a 90% success rate. ESGI’s clients understand that hiring mistakes are just too costly. We have handled senior searches in every functional discipline. I also have the honor of being the Membership Chairman of The Homeland Security & Defense Business Council. This group was formed shortly after 9/11. Its sole mission was to help during the creation of DHS as it was attempting to integrate 24 agencies. Offering private sector advice and counsel during these times was critical to effectively protect our country. The mission today has not changed and the impact this group has had on DHS and DOJ is something to be very proud of.


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