Evan Scott Receives ExecutiveBiz’s 2017 Top 10 GovCon Executive Recruiter Award - Interview

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October 11, 2017

ExecutiveBiz is pleased to name Evan Scott, CEO and one of the founding partners of ESGI, as a recipient of its 2017 Top 10 GovCon Executive Recruiters Award.

ExecutiveBiz spoke to senior leaders at some of the GovCon sector’s most notable federal contractors to find out whom they turn to when they need to fill an executive position. In our conversations, those GovCon leaders offered us the names of 10 executive recruiters they believe “you need to know.”


ExecutiveBiz had the opportunity to catch up with Scott and ask for his perspective on some of the challenges, considerations and best practices executive recruiters and candidates ought to keep in mind.

ExecutiveBiz: What is the single biggest challenge you face in finding qualified talent in the government contracting marketplace?

Evan Scott: Finding candidates is not the most challenging part of the job. Intense networking with executives who we trust will always lead to talent. Our business is labor intensive and you just need the time to work on a search. We never take on more assignments at once to avoid distraction and not give each engagement the attention necessary to get the job done right. The ability and experience to match an executive’s strengths with client requirements and corporate culture is at the heart of what we do. It takes years to develop the instincts and ability to weigh an individual’s character against the environment he/she will be entering. This is true when hiring business development executives in federal contracting. Recognizing those with the ability to close deals in the current environment is an art. We also  conduct meaningful behavioral references. Participating in our community every day for the last seventeen years has given us a deep understanding of the federal contracting business. Through careful due diligence we know where the talent resides and who has strong  reputations. This goes a long way as we evaluate and present candidates to our clients.


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