Evan Scott Again Recognized As a Top Ten GovCon Executive Recruiters for 2017

Evan Scott2Posted By: Nicholas Hoffman   

ExecutiveBiz is pleased to announce it’s fourth annual award recognizing the Top 10 GovCon Executive Recruiters.

Over the past year the government contracting community has seen significant activity in mergers and acquisitions, and executive movement; both of which can lead to a need for filling vacant executive leadership positions.

GovCon firms often solicit the help of executive recruiters in filling executive leadership positions. Executive recruiters bridge the gap between corporate HR departments and executives, working to find the best fit for both the executives in question and the companies they are retained by.

ExecutiveBiz spoke to senior leaders at some of the GovCon sector’s most notable firms to find out whom they turn to when they need to fill an executive position. In our conversations, those GovCon leaders offered us the names of the executive recruiters they believe you “need to know.” 

Full article: http://blog.executivebiz.com/2017/10/executivebiz-announces-the-top-ten-govcon-executive-recruiters-awards-for-2017/

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